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The essence of design and function combined in one hookah. The handling adapts the needs and the design mediates between tradition and innovation  - this is Akoiia.

Akoiia topview.png

In the design process the shape was determined from various requirements and is the evolution of a tradition regarding the fundamental characteristics. The solidity of the vase complements the curved shape of the upper structure and creates an optimally dimensioned hollow body for the use of the hookah.

an elegant shape with attention to detail 

The geometric design is based on the idea of an opening bud. This organic origin shapes the visual appearance in a minimalistic design language and adds together with the crystal-like vase.

reduced to the max

akoiia - tall


size adjustment
akoiia hookah
akoiia - reduced


mouthpiece holder
akoiia - mouthpiece


head options
akoiia - head
akoiia - head variation


magnetic connection
akoiia - magnetic port
akoiia - port & valve


akoiia - base
akoiia - hose
akoiia - stand reduced



coming soon

akoiia - stand

material & processing

Selected materials are processed using the latest computer-controlled milling technology to ensure maximum precision. The hookah, which consist of three main materials, is fabricated from solid blocks in an effortful process and then further enhanced by the finishing process.


The anodized aluminum base connects the vase made of a solid acrylic glass block to the functional elements. Due to strong refraction in the massive block of the vitreous body, crystal-like reflections are generated in the vase.

The functional elements - the pot as well as the connections are made of polished stainless steel and create high-quality accents.


A well thought out design was the basis for modifying the height of the hookah to the needs and the respective environment. The pipe can be removed from the base by using the thread. This function can be expanded with a specifically designed stand which will increase the height additionally.

akoiia - dimensions 852 150 544 248 150 163

size in mm





* The Akoiia is currently only being delivered to Switzerland.

now 15% Discount

CHF 467.00 

If you have any questions or inquiries for individualized designs feel free to contact us by email orwith the form below.

Thank you!

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